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Sweet Corn Crates

Corn Crates

Our Corn Crates are one of our most popular products used for packing sweet corn.  We have several sizes available to best suit your needs.
 10x11, 11x11, 11x12, and 12x12

Green Bean

All-Bound Bean Crate

The All-Bound Bean Crate, also known as the Flat-pack Crate is one of our top selling crates.  It is ideal for packing hand picked beans.

Our Products
1 Bushel Crate.jpg

1 Bushel Bean Crate

The 1 Bushel Bean Crate is used primarily for hand picked beans in the northern US states. 


Herb Crate

The Herb Crate is our smallest crate in production.  Essential packaging for Spearmint, Cilantro, Basil, etc.

Poultry-Lettuce Crate.jpg

Poultry/Lettuce Crate

One of our larger crates, the Poultry/Lettuce Crate is ideal for packing varieties of lettuce such as Romaine, etc.


1/2 LA Crate

The 1/2 LA Crate is ideal for packing bunched radishes among other smaller produce. 


Large Boston Crate

The Large Boston Crate is great for packing with Boston lettuce or radish tops. 


Plastic Boxes

If you are looking for another option for packing sweet corn, please reach out to us for more information on our plastic box options.

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